Base Camp – Greensboro

It’s Friday night, and the clock is rolling near 11:00 PM as I flip through the latest issue of Backpacker Magazine. After a long and mentally exhausting work week, I had full plans to come home and relax the entire weekend, but from the moment I walked through the apartment door, even as tired as I am, the desire to stay home all weekend is diminishing by the minute. This lifestyle that our family has built is addicting, and keeps us searching for the next great Super Trip. From the first trip that May and I took together in Pennsylvania, through countless miles of shorelines and mountain trails, through our recent move south to North Carolina with our son Kaleb, The Super Trips are definitely an important part of our family culture.

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The move last year to Greensboro North Carolina was a calculated move that plays an important part in providing amazing weekend adventures. Greensboro is located in the North Central part of the state. It is a short few hour trip to the coast, as well as a short trip to the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Smokey Mountains, which makes it the perfect base camp for adventure, and the perfect base camp for our families Super Trips.

With a perfect view of the central swimming pool just off of our back balcony, a few beach chairs, a palm tree, and a Victoria Skimboard placed on a cooler for a makeshift table, it gives our apartment a permanent vacation feel. Apartment living also gives us the freedom to hit the open roads more often. A freedom we almost lost when we purchased a house in Pennsylvania. After 6 years of home ownership, it was time to pull back , regroup, and continue doing what our family does best, weekend road trips.

As our new base camp, Greensboro has provided many amazing cultural events to compliment our outdoor adventures. If we don’t feel like traveling far, we can explore the outdoors practically in our back yard with hiking, kayaking, SUP, biking, etc. all within a few miles drive, or a short bicycle ride away.

Base Camp – Greensboro has quickly become home to our family, and the starting point for The Super Trips. We are truly stoked to be able to share our adventures with you, and bring you our tips on building your own family adventures.

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