Welcome to The Super Trips, where we cover the amazing weekend adventures of our family. The adventures of Chad Armel (Me), May Armel (Wife/Mommy), and Kaleb Armel (Son) began when my wife and I first started dating, and has become a natural part of our family life. Since 2003, we have been taking weekend, and longer adventures throughout the East Coast as well as into Canada. Over the years, we have captured many memories in photo, video, and stories. We have also received countless feedback about how great our adventures are, and how people enjoy keeping up with our trips, so here we are, ready to tell the world our story through our new website, The Super Trips.

Not only will we be sharing our crazy and amazing adventures, but we will be sharing our tips and tricks on how to take your own short adventures without breaking the bank, as well as sharing our favorite outdoor gear, etc. so you can complete your next outdoor trip. Adventures are everywhere, so make your own epic adventure a reality. Until then, you can follow our journeys, and hopefully we can inspire you to do the same.