The Beginning

It was our first overnight trip together, and little did we know the amazing direction this one simple two day trip would point our relationship in. As we traveled out of Pittsburgh, toward what we later affectionately named the North Coast, we had the windows down, cruising the highway with anticipation. While the radio played the first of many songs that would, over time, create the soundtrack of our life together, we enjoyed each others company for our first road trip.

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As we entered Presque Isle in Erie PA, we had no idea the love that would grow so deep in our hearts for this body of water, and the beaches that line this Great Lake. Our first steps onto beach 6, dipping our toes in the sand and water on this day, was significant, but at this time, we really had no idea exactly how significant this particular beach would be in our relationship, as well as our future together. As one might guess this was the beginning of an amazing romantic journey that spans 14 years, as well as many coastal miles, with a sound track of love, life, and summertime fun that has transformed itself into a lifestyle.

Walking hand in hand along the shoreline, breathing in the fresh air, we took in the beauty of our surroundings, and knew this was the life we wanted to build together. We also knew in that very moment, this was definitely only the first of a lifetime of memories that would be made along coastal waters. Today we are becoming known for our amazing family adventures, but on that day, in the beginning, while we watched the sun set into the horizon of Lake Erie, it was only a dream that we began to envision.

That vision of road trips and outdoor adventures has taken us to many amazing coastal destinations, as well as the most breathtaking mountaintops. Our love for the weekend adventures has given us a lifetime of memories, and the passion keeps us searching for more journeys. As the sun dipped into the horizon that first evening, we had no doubt that we would watch the sun rise and fall many times in locations like this small local paradise that we discovered together. This was the beginning of The Super Trips !!!

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